Cold Feet Control – Tales Of The Brokenhearted Part II Track By Track Review

Sometimes, all it takes is hearing the first few seconds of a release for the first time before you already know for certain that it’s going to be an incredible piece of work – and that’s exactly what happens with Cold Feet Control’s Tales Of The Brokenhearted Part II. Five tracks of their unique take on the metalcore genre, this is a CD that you absolutely must have in your life!

Appreciate It
This is the track that starts it all off, the very aptly titled Appreciate It. Beginning with the catchiest of electronic riffs that worms its way into your head before you even know it, by the time the vocals kick in it’s already stuck in your mind for good. The vocals are incredibly strong and powerful, with a huge and thick-sounding chorus, and is a track that definitely wouldn’t sound out of place performed onstage at a massive stadium. Sometimes it isn’t a good idea to put your best track right at the start of a release, but with this, it just…works. It’s like a declaration of how much talent this band has and sets the EP up nicely.

The sheer aggression and harshness of Despise contrasts perfectly with the purely-melodic track that came before it. Whilst it does feature a melodic chorus, the harsh vocals in the background echoing the lead melody is a great touch and the almost techno-sounding section near the end with screamed vocals over the top was unique and rather brilliant.

Hold The Thought
Sometimes, releases tend to dip in the middle, with bands choosing to place their stronger tracks at the start and finish, but Hold The Thought just ploughs on with all the strength that the other two tracks had. The drums in this track are immense and really keep the momentum going with every fill and beat. Nicely done.

Sacred Lies
This track could be considered the ‘epic’ of the EP. The chorus is filled with the sweetest vocals you’ve ever heard, just begging to be sung along to, which contrasts well with the harshest-sounding vocals in the verses. It also has stunning instrumental sections, giving the track a huge sound as a whole.

Walk On The Edge
Walk On The Edge is definitely the best choice to end the EP with. Although it is probably the ‘weakest’ track of the release, it just leaves the listener wanting for more. With chugging guitar lines backed up with powerful-as-ever vocals, by the time the track slowly fades away, it leaves you with a great feeling of satisfaction, like you’ve just witnessed something great.

It’s absolutely fantastic when you find a release that speaks to you on so many levels, and that’s exactly what happened to me with this one. Check this band out – you really won’t be disappointed.


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