Cold Cold Ground – Lies About Ourselves

Lies About Ourselves is the second offering from Helsinki’s Cold Cold Ground and is ten tracks of industrial influenced rock that will get your feet tapping in no time!

Opener My Fist And I is the perfect way to get things moving and has a great noisy intro that really grips you from the outset. The vocals on this one are fantastic as well and they make for a song that’s both memorable and easy to get stuck in your head. Unfortunately, the next track Welcome To Hell winds up being a bit of a let-down after following such a strong offering and the chorus of the repeated words “welcome to Hell” just sound repetitive rather than striking, which is a shame.

By the time fourth track Model Citizen rolls round, everything seems back on track and this is one of the stronger tracks of the album. The synthesised/electronic lines complement the guitars and drums fantastically, and the chorus has a massive sing-along line you can’t help but want to join in with. Another fantastic inclusion is Cocaine In My Ass, which has an interesting guitar solo in the middle. With clashing tunes and ideas, on the outset it shouldn’t work, but it slots into the song perfectly all the same.

It’s Drive that is the standout track of the album. The opening riff is utterly phenomenal and the whole song just doesn’t let up. Everything about it is catchy and as a whole it’s track you’ll just keep on revisiting. The main riff is so catchy that it somehow manages to worm its way into your head by the end of your first listen of the song and the chanted/yelled vocals seem like they’d be perfect for some crowd participation in a live environment.

Lies About Ourselves is quite simply an album worthy of your undivided attention. It’s chock-full of interesting ideas and catchy lines that don’t become stale however many times you listen to it, and leaves you wanting more. Great stuff!


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