Cold Cold Ground – Hard Rock House, Helsinki 13/12/14

It was difficult to tell the mood of the room upon arrival at Hard Rock House in Helsinki for Cold Cold Ground’s final ever show – was it sad, as it was their last show, or were people out to party in order to give them the best possible send off?

The room was decorated in readiness, with a white plastic sheet covered in ‘bloodstains’ to serve as a backdrop, and there was a few posters stuck up round the venue so that everyone knew exactly who they would be seeing. You could tell that the band had gone to a lot of effort in order to make the show one to remember and it definitely paid off.

It was just Cold Cold Ground on the lineup, and as they took to the stage there was a surge of people moving forwards until the area in front of the stage was practically jam packed full of people! It was clear that a lot of people were very passionate about the band so it really gave a great atmosphere to the show and the band really fed off the crowd’s enthusiasm.

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In fact, they put on a great show even without the crowd’s support because they were a very visual band. Drummer Hoker Dine was a highly passionate showman, and it was clear he put his all into his performance, whether it was by standing up to play, exaggerated movements or even just showy moves! Singer Hauptmann D had a good amount of movement, and was at one point throwing cards and dust into the crowd, and bassist NooZ was a force to be reckoned with as he powered his way through the set with a vast amount of energy. And as for guitarist Mr Bunny, a musician true to his name as he wore a massive bunny mask on his head, it was difficult to look elsewhere throughout the performance because of how striking he looked!

It was a great set from the fourpiece, with Welcome To Hell and Drive being two particular highlights, but it almost felt like the night was a bit short. As the band was the only one on the bill and they didn’t have a tremendous amount of material to play, the set only lasted for a little over an hour and it just felt like they could have given a little more. But maybe that’s just me being pedantic, as it still was a great night and a fantastic send-off for the band. Cold Cold Ground – it won’t quite be the same without you.


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