Coast To Coast – Dwell Review

coast to coast dwellI’ve heard the name Coast to Coast in passing, but otherwise knew very little of the band before checking out their recent offering Dwell. It’s a short four track EP with a sunny summer brand of pop punk.

The EP kicks off with an intro track which feels a tad unnecessary for an EP and a bit like a filler for the short release, but it shows off the band’s musicianship well enough, but it would’ve been nice to actually get four full tracks seen as the release is so short.

However the follow up Bloom, which has a video available on YouTube, is full on all-out and shows what the band are capable with on a full track. Cornerstone does not disappoint either with a different feel entirely. Whilst still ultimately pop punk, it’s less bounce and more emotive and expressive. The drums drive the track forward and the guitar adds a layer of strong melodic changes between verse and chorus.

The final track on this EP is a beautiful acoustic track titled Bunkbeds. Simply just guitar and vocals, it shows the abilities of the band beautifully with harmonies on vocals and that sometimes simple really does do it best. The track builds to full right towards the very end, but doesn’t detract from the simple nature of the song.

It’s a short release but a promising one nevertheless. Coast to Coast show their range well on this small offering and I look forward to something longer in the future.


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