Cloud Rat – Qliphoth Review

Cloud Rat QliphothSuppose Melody wanted to play alongside Harmony but were each isolated by a torrent of modulating angst. Sharing their angst they will amplify each their own angst by song. The songs then become an album of allocated angst ridden ideas. These ideas are then manifested by and in music, so fuck science.

Heady but with a melancholia behind most songs, Cloud Rats’ sphere of influence sound like a depressive black metal Fear Factory with the bastard child of Mortician and Napalm Death. The guitar work here is a euphony that retains the heavy and intense sound of more aggressive thrash.

Qliphoth is an articulate piece from an intensely sonic erosion of eugenic musings attenuated by banshee vocals concluding the structure of its songs. Disharmoniously marauding cheaper acts by an innate sense of timing but unfortunately the styling is lost between horizons.

Qliphoth is a miasma of ideas executed in dysphoric symphony. An intensely satisfying trophy of inherent sadness. A brazen kick in the nuts.

It is mostly short and sweet, and to the point, with a foray into grounding it all within a thick atmosphere where breathing is not advised as suffocation is hazardous to your health.

The moments of pure music asphyxia are few but they are alarming to be the most memorable components of the album. The compositions do not seem to want to back up the potency of those select riffs and grind down rather than through the power manifested by them but it is a good fucking shot though!


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