Claim The Throne – On Desolate Plains Review

Claim The Throne, a band that is a big favourite of ours at Soundscape, are back with their brand new album On Desolate Plains, which is set to be released on October 13, and it’s another mighty release from this consistently good band.

On Desolate Plains sees Claim The Throne take a slightly more melodic approach in comparison to their previous effort Forged In Flame – which is good because it would have been disappointing to simply rehash and repeat what has been done in the past. Opener Fury Entwined begins with an ambient and atmospheric introduction, featuring a beautiful duet with male and female vocals complementing each other perfectly, and when the full band kicks in, it adds a nice bit of weight to the track whilst simultaneously keeping a nice element of melody to it.

The album progresses well from there, with other great inclusions being Where Night Passed And Sunlight Shone, a heavier and more technical piece, and later song My Dying Throes is a stunning mini-epic with some massive instrumental lines and powerful harsh vocals that will give you goosebumps. What’s especially good about On Desolate Plains is that it draws you in – it’s immersive and will definitely remain in your head for a long while after listening to it.

All in all, Claim The Throne have crafted another enjoyable and memorable album. If you loved Forged In Flame, you’ll love this too. It follows on nicely from the aforementioned album whilst simultaneously forging a new path. Excellent stuff!


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