Clad In Darkness – Decathect Review

clad in darknessIn the works for the past eight years, it can certainly be said that Clad In Darkness have really took their time in making sure that their debut album Decathect is exactly how they want it to be and it’s a very striking release that hits all the right notes.

What’s great about this is that it’s not just your standard black metal album. Sure, that may be the main genre, but it also visits a wide variety of different genres and it makes the album feel quite fresh – in fact, I personally picked up some jazz and prog elements nestled into it and it truly is great when a band doesn’t quite confirm to the norm because it makes for a very refreshing listen. A particularly good point about this band is that the vocals aren’t necessarily used as a lead role; it’s like every instrument is equal to one another in the band and it really works in Clad In Darkness’ favour because it shows how well-thought-out and planned everything is.

One of the most striking tracks is Forestall, which is one of the faster-paced tracks of the album. It packs a real punch and has a lot crammed into it, to the extent that you notice something new on every listen. It just seems to have everything and really delivers – it’s a track you’ll definitely want to keep coming back to.

Decathect is an album that absolutely delivers and whilst it occasionally falls victim to a few repeating ideas within a couple of different songs, it’s an all-round great release and is a fantastic example of how good things come to those who wait.


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