City of Ashes – All We Left Behind Review

City of Ashes have released a straight up rock album which could easily sit along side the likes of 30 Seconds to Mars and Muse. A very commercial rock sound but do not confuse this with pop/rock- it hits hard like a rock album should, just with a well produced sound.

This stems from the driven guitar tones and big rock drums which sit effectively underneath a strong vocal performance from Orion Powell. City of Ashes have written hook after hook on their latest release and you can comfortably imagine hearing tracks such as Falling Star, Decay and Dorian Grey at stadiums and festivals because of the catchy anthemic choruses and a fully loaded rock set. All We Left Behind slows down for the Highest Point of Living, this highlights the versatility of City Of Ashes and the intelligent writing behind this album. The slower edged songs continue with the epic Sententia which is a heart felt piece crafted with delicate and stunning melodies from both the guitar and vocal delivery. This album encapsulates a variety of different sounds. But do not let that hold you back as there will be something you will love about this album.


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