Cities – Self-titled EP

FRONTThe EP opens with track You Deserve Anything, which almost seems to have an extended intro as if this is literally like an individual intro track for the whole EP, although it is part of the first track.

From the moment the song truly kicks in you find you’re banging your head and tapping your toes. This theme carries on throughout the 4 track EP and you can’t help but smile as you hear every song.

One of these Days rocks a catchy chorus that you’ll instantly be able to join in with and Only Alive has a great hook and tells quite the story.

Closing track The Early Hours is big and bold. The vocals are a mix of melodic and anthemic. If you’re not bobbing your head by this point, you’ve really missed the beat of this EP. A stunning debut release that shows only bigger things are to come for this band.


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