Cirith Gorgor – Visions Of Exalted Lucifer Review

cirith gorgor - visions of exalted luciferVisions Of Exalted Lucifer is the new album from black metallers Cirith Gorgor and although it’s not necessarily a bad release, it has all been done before.

Of course, nobody is expecting a band to reinvent the wheel with each new release of theirs but Visions Of Exalted Lucifer is just so vanilla and ‘safe’ that it does leave a little to be desired. Cirith Gorgor don’t seem to bring anything new to the table and this is an album that sadly doesn’t have any distinguishing features – it just sounds like most other black metal bands in the scene right now.

That’s not to say Visions Of Exalted Lucifer is a bad album, as there’s plenty of good songs featuring on it, and a particular highlight is the penultimate track Rise Of Purification – Vanished From This World. There’s a nice level of melody to the song courtesy of the repeating guitar idea, and the clean vocals at the start of it really sets the scene for things to come in the latter half of the song. Additionally there’s a good amount of drive behind the song (which is especially good, seeing as how it’s the longest track on the album) and it definitely seems like a song that would go down a storm live.

Visions Of Exalted Lucifer is a decent enough listen – however it’s not quite individual enough to really make much of an impact outside of their already-established fanbase.


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