Circle Of Reason – Faith Or Theory Review

circle of reason faith or theoryFaith Or Theory is the brand new album from Southampton fourpiece Circle Of Reason and it’s a great release that looks set to do very well for the band. Catchy, engaging and memorable, it definitely ticks a lot of the right boxes and it makes for a very rewarding listen as a result.

One of the best elements of the album, that becomes evident very early on, is how passionately delivered the vocals are. There’s so much emotion projected from them and although the vocals themselves aren’t the most unique out there, the passion more than makes up for this. Additionally, the instrumentation complements the vocals perfectly – it’s not too heavy and it’s not too melodic; it’s just the right balance for the band’s sound as a whole.

A particularly standout track is My Emergency, which is a powerful song with a punchy tight introduction to get your head banging, and a chorus so catchy that it will inevitably wind up stuck in your head after one or two listens of it! It definitely seems like a track that will come across tremendously in a live environment, with plenty of opportunities for the crowd to get involved.

Faith Or Theory may not be the most unique album out there – but for what it is, it’s a good and enjoyable piece, and an album that you will keep wanting to come back to.


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