Chrystyna Marie – Loaded Gun Review

Chrystyna Marie - Loaded GunWhat’s in a voice? For Chrystyna Marie the answer is simple, a whole lot of talent. With her sultry, blues and rock infused EP titled Loaded Gun, Chrystyna is aimed at showing us why she should be heard.

Opening with the title track Loaded Gun, the vocals are all things expected in a ballad. Overdramatic in their delivery and heavy on the reverb effect, this track isn’t my first choice for songs on the album, but for those feeling like they need some more romance in their lives, this might be a great song paired with that glass of wine in your hand.

Down The Road is more the speed that Loaded Gun should be running at. Opening with a catchy riff reminiscent of the type of song you might find off the Young Guns 2 soundtrack (a great album for those who have not heard it), this track is heavy in the Americana-western-tavern-bar-feel; and that is exactly why it works.

The third track titled No More is a very thoughtful track that feels the most vulnerable of all of the tracks. It is well mixed and feels radio ready in every sense of the word. If I could make any comparison, I would say that this might be a track Paramore or Evanescence would have on their albums. Great harmonies and solid musicianship, this is my current vote for the track you should listen to first.

Finishing off the interesting and well produced EP is a track titled The Tower, and it does not disappoint. The vocals are beautiful and feel more like the direction Chrystyna should be set on taking, it is the exact opposite to the opening track Loaded Gun, as this one feels less like a copy and past ballad, and instead travels the artistic road filled with deep emotions.

The EP itself might start off a bit on the wrong foot, but it quickly picks up the pace and becomes the great EP it was meant to be. For those that enjoy great vocals, deep emotional content and some very solid musicianship, this is an EP you should spend a bit of time with. One thing is for sure, if this is only the EP, we can expect a very impressive full length album in the future.


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