Christian & the 2120’s – Moments Review

Christian & the 2120's momentsAll the way from Kalmar, Sweden comes the next great band in your collection. Releasing their unique style of gritty blues rock, Christian & the 2120’s bring us their new hot album titled Moments. With twelve solid tracks to dig your musical teeth into, Christian & the 2120’s prepare a true feast of awesome sound.

Opening with sarcastic and catchy song Where The Sun Don’t Shine, Christian & the 2120’s make sure we know exactly what genre sandbox they play in. A simple guitar riff meets the matching bassline, and with suitable drums, this track doesn’t break any rock rules, but it doesn’t need to either. The album truly gains momentum when we reach the song Move On, this song picks up the pace, with in-your-face lyrics, and should be released as a single. Progressing in an exciting way, Move On is great musical journey, and it gets better the louder it is played.

Born To Run is an organ infused straight blues track. There is nothing unexpected hidden within this track, it shows all of its true colors on the first play through. Simple, catchy, a bit messy, but that is part of the charm. It feels like the song you would enjoy late at night at your favorite pub. The track has musical moments reminiscent of The Doors, and that in itself is a true compliment. Closing the album out is the track titled Moments, this song embraces all of its many influences, and in many ways acts like a rock music history lesson. Strong on The Rolling Stones vibe, this will be an instant favorite among the fans, but trying to separate it from most of the other tracks might be a bit challenging.

The album itself is filled with great moments and great songs, many of which are single worthy and better turned up loud, with the only real problem being the lack of true diversity within the songs. On one hand, if you like the tone of the first song, then you will enjoy the pace of the whole album; but on the other hand, if you are looking for an album with high peaks and deeper lows, this one might leave you wanting a bit.


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