Chon – Grow Review

CHON GrowFollowing on from two EPs, Chon are back with their debut full-length album Grow and it’s an exciting release that sounds fresh and distinctive, drawing influences from a few different genres to create a sound of their own.

Grow grabs your attention right away with opener Book; the introduction is incredibly catchy with the melody being one that will ultimately become stuck in your head. It’s a great start because it really engages the listener and draws them into the album as they progress from song to song. A nice element of the album is that whilst each individual track is distinctive in its own right, there are a few ideas and melodies that keep appearing and repeating over the course of the album, which helps to link all the songs together and certainly helps to make Grow sound like a more unified release.

There is complexity, there is simplicity. There are some beautifully technical instrumental numbers and there are tracks that are entirely vocally-driven. Chon have worked hard at packing a lot of variety into this piece and it has paid off because Grow is a varied and engaging listen that holds your interest from the moment you start listening, right until the closing chords ring out – which can only be a recipe for success.


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