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How did the writing process differ on this album to the last?

Brad: The writing process was different for us this time because when we got back together, we were just taking small steps at a time, not diving right into it. Really being careful along the way and the fact that we didn’t have deadlines or other tours or whatever lined up for us because it was all new to use again was to our advantage. So we made sure to abuse that and really took our time and made sure we was as prepared as possible at least enough to make sense to not go into the studio and have to write in the studio. Lots of pre-production, that was different because in the past it was not like that. We would go in, have our backs up against the wall, be put in uncomfortable situations where you almost have to like force inspiration. It’s always worked out great, but this time we’re much more confident.

How has the line up change, changed your music style?

Craig: I don’t really think it did. It’s slightly different from the last record they did cause it wasn’t me in there. We got the angst of ‘All Ends Well’ and the musicality of ‘Bone Palace’. I think this time around with the time apart it helped us develop our sense of song writing better. Structurally it’s better. Choruses are better, verses are better. We wanted the best song as opposed to the most abstract piece of art we could deliver. I think you really hear that in the songs. I think it makes it a little bit strong as a result of that. It makes the choruses hit harder and things like that. I would say that’s probably it. Thomas is different than Jason. Thomas is known for being a shredder and he actually withdrew himself more than Jason would on a record like this because he wanted what’s best for the songs as well. Thomas added his little flair in there and there’s hints of him in the record that make you really appreciate those moments, it’s not an overkill of it. It’s dynamically perfect and he settled in the right way. It’s complicated but it just doesn’t cut through on the record as much cause there’s 6 of us.

Vocal style has recently changed too. What was your thinking behind this?

Craig: I think it was just experience. I think drugs probably changed the way I write a lot and vocally. I’m still in my twenties, but not for long and I don’t want to just keep wailing at the top of my lungs the entire time. I can’t be as on pitch live, an it’s kind of intolerable for me sometimes. I also think dynamically it’s just what’s best for the songs. If I’m not singing at the top of my range the entire time. Vocally we just did what we did with the guitar and what was best for the songs themselves. There’s moments in the songs now, it’s where I’ll hit the top register and it’s chilling. It’s much better I think. Just as I grow as a song writer, I reel it in a bit, it’s a bit more focused and not so sporadic.


Your new album is released soon. You’re giving the songs away every Tuesday with the iTunes pre-order. What was the thinking behind this?

Craig: That our fans have been waiting long enough. That records leak anyways. There’s a visual partner for every single track on the record. We wanted to control where it went, so we could involve people in our world a little bit more. We wanted to add visual things to each track so it wasn’t just an album cover on YouTube. We went a little bit above and beyond, very artistic. We wanted to release once a week leading up to the record and we really wanted to just give our fans as much as possible before the record came out. Records will leak, they always leak. Maybe people will be less inclined to download it if they get 6 songs before it comes out.

What bands would you love to tour with that you haven’t yet? 

Craig: Brand New. I’d like to tour with Brand New. We was supposed to do a tour with them before we broke up. We had talked about it. I’d like to tour Coldrain. I’m a big Coldrain fan. I’d like to take them out in the states and tour with them a bunch.

Brad: The bands I listened to most last year would be like, Wallpaper and the 1975. I’d like to tour with some of the bands we grew up listening to like the Get Up Kids and Saves the Day.

What song would you most like to cover?

Brad: I kinda wanna have a stab at Hallelujah

Craig: Jeff Buckley? The Jeff Buckley version?

Brad: Yeah he’s better.

Craig: Put that pressure on me. I always wanted to cover Ballad of Hollis Brown and Rise Against totally beta me to it last year by Bob Dylan because that was one of my favourite songs by Bob Dylan. I went through a massive Bob Dylan phase. As far as heavier stuff I wouldn’t mind covering an At The Drive In song off of In/Casino/Out. I dunno which one, probably not Napoleon Solo even though that would be the one that everyone would want to do. Probably something a little more groovy. Something off of In/Casino/Out. I’d like to do a Bruno Mars cover.

What’s the rest of your plans for 2014?

Brad: The album comes out over here March 31st and April 1st in the States. So we’ll be in the States and doing a lot of shows in the state that we’re from and then we head on a headliner that goes around the US. We’re back here for festivals in the summer.

Craig: Yep festivals. We’re just gonna tour our asses of and then we’re gonna come back here and there’s at least 3 things in the works to come back here. You’ll probably see us 4 or 5 times more this year.

Brad: We never really came over here a lot I the past, so it’s kinda our one of our goals for this time.

Craig: We have videos coming out soon too. So we’re busy.

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