Chiodos – Devil Review

Chiodos - DevilThe new album from Chiodos is a big step forward in the bands career. With hard hitting anthems, immense breakdowns and impressive instrumentation, the band are going to get huge off this album.

The album opens with some piano on a intro track. Ole Fishlips Is Dead Now has some fantastic screams, impressive solos and is a great way to kick off Craig Owens return. The song has the fast paced drums, demonic screams and piano riffs that really brings the band back to their roots and the harsh, bitchy, resentful lyrics really suits the song and the way Craig sings.

In contrast to this is 3AM, which has a more pop punk feel to it, and it sounds more like Craig’s old band DRUGS. With impressive harmonies, large chorus and the general upbeat feel of the song, the track will probably be a hit with a younger audience. The drums in this track are pretty powerful but complimentary at the same time, as is the guitar. But the track is fantastically composed. The lyrical content seems very personal to Craig; singing about his dreams and the reality of it all.

Behives Bullock is a heavier song and is mainly scream dominated and is ruled by riffs. The song has lots of passion and you believe the words that are screamed. The drums in this song are dominant with some impressive double bass and cymbal work. The bass also stands out more on this song with a solo at the start which is gritty and vibrant. The end of the song is rather emotional with Craig screaming and you can hear the pain in his voice and its hard to listen to.

Expensive Conversations in Cheap Motels is probably the angriest song on the album with the chorus saying “I f****** hate you” screamed. It’s got a creepy feel to it, during the verse due to the synth and guitar riffs that sound sinister. The chorus is huge and you can imagine huge mosh pits to the song live. The lyrics are very sarcastic and have a rather bitter edge to them. The drums in the song are impressive with some incredible double bass.

Overall the album is fantastic with some great variation and shows off the bands talent as musicians and will see great things to come to the band in the years to come with some incredible songs.


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