Chevelle – La Gárgola Review

Chevelle - La GargolaChevelle have been going for almost two decades now and whilst I’ve never been a massive fan, I’ve tapped into the odd track here and there with this band. So it’s time to see how this album matches up.

It instantly opens with a real rocking number titled Ouija Board. It mixes harmonises with a heavy guitar riffs. There is an emphasising breakdown in the track that just helps the track build more.

Throwing back to alternative metal of the past, An Island shows that Chevelle have definitely stuck to their guns over the years and are still rocking the same genre all these years on.

Hunter Eats Hunter is a big number. It mixes elements of doom metal with alternative. Whilst Choking Game is a bold track with a catchy drum beat. It’s lively with quite guttural vocal performance.

The final track on this album is Twinge. It seems to follow on from the previous track Under The Knife and it’s a little strange. It would make sense if it was just an outro, but it’s a 4 minute odd track. So it feels a bit strange.

Whilst this album is ok and it’s what you’d expect from Chevelle, as ever it’s a bit bland and there’s not really much to rave about. It’s an ok record but that’s about as far as it goes. If you’re already a big Chevelle fan you’ll love it, if not it’s an ok record to stick on every once in a while.


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