Chasing Cadence – Destroy Something Beautiful Review

chasing cadenceChasing Cadence are an alternative rock band from Hertfordshire and their new EP, Destroy Something Beautiful, sounds like something a band that has been together decades should be releasing, as it sounds so together and established.

The EP opens with the epic It’s Not the Length That Counts, It’s What You Do with it, which throws you straight into what the band are about. The song is riff-driven and throws you into the song straight up. Somebody hurt whoever wrote this song, probably “Mr I’m Not the One Who Cheats” and you can hear the passion in vocalist Jack’s voice because of it – and he delivers a solid performance consistently throughout the EP. The band clearly work incredibly well together and can write some absolute stunners.

Dear Life is their latest single and if you are a fan of wrestling you may have heard it before as it is the theme tune for TNA Xplosion Wrestling. The band got to do a short run of arena shows opening the wrestling show thanks to this. The track opens with a synth that you’d expect to hear in a techno track at the club, but then the rest of the instrumentation explodes into the forefront and it just makes you want to mosh and bang your head along. Guitarists Rob and Tom did an amazing job of writing these epic guitar parts and their parts in the song sound incredible – they know how to get good tones from their instruments.

The band showed their willingness to experiment with their sound in Everyone Relax as the track opens to some slower, more moving guitar riffs and piano. It shows a softer side to the band before some electronic drums kick in and give a new feel to the song and show the band aren’t afraid to experiment with their sound. That being it sounds very natural and like the electronic drums belong as part of the band’s sound.

The band have written an absolutely top-notch EP. It’s a great example of what the band can do and what is to come for the 5 lads form Hertfordshire – and that they aren’t to be ignored.


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