Charcoal Sun – Angels Demons EP Review

Charcoal Sun – Angels Demons EP 


Pembrokeshire groove merchants Charcoal Sun return with their Second EP “Angels and Demons” a few months after their debut release “Hells Apache”.

This EP (recorded at Owain Jenkins’ StudioOwz) contains 4 original tracks of the dirtiest, groove laden metal this far west.

“Tendency” kicks off with a slow burning riff before the whole band blasts in with a blues influenced monolith of a track.

“Angels and Demons” is the stand out track on this EP. Jim and Dan’s rhythm powers through the entirety of the song, Haggis’ vocal melody is flawless, whilst Jammie and Steve’s riffage thunders across like many of the great metal guitarists have in the past.

Third track “Defeat the Beast” carries on the aural attack. It is tuneful as it is heavy, when the solo kicks in it shows how fantastic a guitarist Steve is. Not a lot of bands would dare attempt this, but Charcoal Sun carries this off with a boundless precision.

Live favourite “Evil Apache” closes out “Angels Demons” with its frantic guitars, pounding rhythm, and Haggis’ massive vocal wail.

On the strength of this release it is evident this Haverfordwest quintet should be playing bigger stages in the years to come. Looking forward to hearing what the guys have planned for the future.

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