Chapter And Verse’s Up & Coming UK Bands Playlist

Chapter And Verse

We really enjoyed the recs of up and coming bands we got from River Becomes Ocean a few weeks back – so we decided to do it all again and ask Chapter And Verse to rec some of their favourite emerging talent from the UK! Get involved and check it out below.

Bad Sign
They never seem to disappoint. It’s just endlessly satisfying. Seen them play countless times now, from shows we’ve been on and from ones we’ve dropped everything to get along to. I can tell you it’s always worth it.
Great guys with great tunes and an even better live show. Not much more that you could want!

We discovered these after Daly George (Engineer for our EP/Guitarist from Faux) showed us what he’d recently been working on with them and we got in touch like the next day to get them on a show. They did ridiculous things live. At one point the bassist was tapping a bass riff, slamming chords on a piano and singing the top-line of a 3 part harmony at the same time, all in some bat-shit crazy time signature. Stupidly talented bunch.

Press To Meco
After having Family Ties on repeat for days, we were just hooked on these lads. It’s crazy how a band can be so catchy whilst being so scatty and off-the-wall. They’ve managed to find a really cool, recognisable sound and it’s just SO good.

Black Foxxes
When these guys put our their first single and had next to no followers, Darren stumbled on it and immediately showed everyone else. We all knew it was going to do seriously well and low-and-behold they were snapped up in no time at all. Honest, passionate and well crafted. Not yet had the pleasure of seeing them live but they are firmly at the top of the list.

For some reason, Zoax have been on our radar for AGES but we’ve only recently been listening to them. To be honest, I feel like I’ve been missing out really badly! The record is so unique and so heartfelt; it’s just what a rock record should be. Full of sick dynamics and massive hooks. We love it.

Chapter And Verse’s debut EP The Wolves Back Home is out on July 15. Pre-order it from here!

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