Chaos 8 – Burn Review

This album hits with a wall of sound straight away with opening track In the End and sets the mood for the rest of Burn. Big rock/metal sounds with added synth thrown in. Great musicianship is shown as it does not sound like a Garageband project; it sounds tight and intelligent.

Chaos 8 are not dissimilar to bands such as ‘Nightwish’ and ‘Halestorm’ and this all stems from the lead singers big rock voice which carries the band through this album. Vocalist Beki Straughan is one of the highlights of Burn and her performance is impressive. Sometimes this album lacked that one hook in each song, but who cares? Turn it up loud; it sounds great.

Stand out tracks are Take Me Back, which would make a perfect set opener, with a killer guitar riff that would not sound out of place on a ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ album. Bang Bang hits just like album opener with a strong start and a chorus that is the catchiest of the album, a definite crowd pleaser.

Looking forward to hearing more from Chaos 8 as Burn shows a lot of promise.


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