Channel Zero – Kill All Kings Review

Channel Zero - Kill All KingsChannel Zero are back with their sixth studio album Kill All Kings and needless to say, if you enjoy your thrash then you’ll no-doubt love this.

The problem with thrash music is that there’s a lot of bands in the genre doing exactly the same as one another and it can be difficult to differentiate between artists unless they’re forging their own path, which is sadly a rare thing these days. It certainly can’t be denied that Kill All Kings is a good album, but is it anything groundbreaking or new? Not really.

There’s some great moments on the album, such as the sheer energy and catchiness of opener Dark Passenger, which is the perfect way to get the album going and leaves a lasting impression on you, and another highlight is the stunning track Brother’s Keeper. Beginning with stripped-back instrumentation and emotion-filled clean vocals which really hit you hard with the sheer amount of tear-jerking passion behind them, when the full band kicks in for an especially powerful and chunky-sounding section, it really does leave a lasting impression on you. However, as a whole, there’s nothing truly exciting or unique about the album.

Kill All Kings isn’t a disappointing album but it does feel like Channel Zero have played it a little too safe rather than try anything new.


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