Chameleon Technology – Blank Canvas Review

Blank Canvas Chameleon TechnologiesNot all solo artists can rise above the acoustic guitar and small coffee shop venues. For many, it simply isn’t an option to create something as heavy as punk, or metal, or other loud musical genres; but for the very talented Chameleon Technology, turning the sound up and pushing the envelope as far as it can go is exactly what he chooses to do. Max Histrionic is the mastermind behind the aggressive new punk album Blank Canvas, and if someone didn’t tell me that it was one person, I would have assumed it was at least three. One thing is for sure, this guy knows how to make some incredible noise.

Releasing his current amped up anthem, and title track Blank Canvas, Max Histrionic shows so many other musicians how this whole punk thing is done. It takes attitude for sure, but it also takes tight musicianship, and creative chord changes; all things that this song has in spades. The addition of a music video is also a sign that Chameleon Technology is a professional minded concept treated with passion and heart.

My favorite track on the album goes to a song called Lifestyle Science, this track opens with a very 90’s punk riff, and sinks its catchy teeth in quickly. More melodic than a few of the other tracks, this song might be the most accessible for the untrained punk listener. I would like to have seen the song take longer than two minutes, it is a bit disappointing in that area (and yes, I get the subtle joke here).

The song titled Self-Repair is a bit like something Faith No More would have tried out. With a vocal line laced with rock cockiness, and punk attitude, Self-Repair is an awesome little musical gem. Simple, catchy, and loud, this song deserves to be released as a future single in my humble opinion.

The album is a bit too brief for my tastes. It would have been nice to see this much talent take its time to come to fruition, but maybe that is what makes Blank Canvas such an awesome album? Perhaps that is the masterful stroke of musical genius, come in like a kick to the nuts and leave before anyone has a chance retaliate? If you enjoy punk, or music with a raw high energy to it, then look no further than Chameleon Technology’s new album Blank Canvas.


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