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Cedar Boulevard self titledCedar Boulevard are an American pop punk\hardcore band and their self titled debut EP is incredibly well written and produced. The EP opens with the song A Raven Like A Writing Desk which is incredibly well composed with some incredible guitar solos, impressive riffs, catchy vocals hooks and a very well written track on every instrument. The drums stand out and it’s clear to see that David Mari can play very well, with some tight double bass rolls, complex effective drum fills and very well written. The Vocalist has a very warm friendly tone and it really suits the style and the screams really help to highlight the soft passionate voice.

Fall Apart shows of the bands ability to write slower songs and the bands ability to combine elements to create fantastic sounding songs. Both vocalists voices are shown in a great light however the drums in the song sound sloppy and the song could have done without them, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s a well-written song with great vocals and acoustic guitar.

Shorelines & Shipwrecks opens with a happy sounding riff and some pounding upbeat drums, which will make you, feel like its summer and it has a bit of nostalgic feel to it. However the song does go on a little but and it feels like an hour long. The vocals are filled with passion and the harmonies sound sweet and they work well together. The bass in compliments the lead of the drums and guitar and just helps to give the song and EP some depth and make it sound huge.

Overall the band can clearly write phenomenal songs, play their instruments to levels way above their years. The band have a future in the industry and you can expect to hear big things from them in the near future!


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