Caves – Leaving Review

Caves LeavingPop punk rockers Caves third studio album is pretty average really. It’s nothing overly special at first listen, but the more you listen to it, the more it grows on you, so if you have the patience for it then it’s a good listen.

The album opens with a song called Sad which opens up with some very nice harmonies and melody that grows into an ironically happy sounding song, with some upbeat impressive drums and simple yet effective guitar works the song opens the album extremely way and gives the listener a good sense of a fun listen ahead.

Leaving is a really upbeat song musically; the song opens with an impressive riff that you could imagine played as the opening to the band coming on stage at a 2,000 people capacity venue. The song shows off the bands drumming and bass skills well and although the album is fairly repetitive it all sounds different and shows the band could possibly expand their style a bit – maybe by trying some different vocal harmonies or a focus on the talent and skill of the guitars with some complex riffs. The vocals are raw and you can hear the passion in his voice but at times he doesn’t sound in tune.

The band clearly have some talent but they need to experiment with their song writing ability as it is a very samey sounding album, although it is fun and upbeat. Definitely a band and album that you have to grow to enjoy.


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