Carson – Take Your Time Review

Carson - Take Your TimeA lively little EP from Carson. It’s a catchy pop rock four track EP with a really great feel to it.

It kicks off with opening track Memories. You’ll be nodding along and find yourself dancing in seconds. It’s really easy to pick up the words and join in. It’s a simple tune, but it really is well written and produced.

Stuck In My Ways is up next. This is very much a pop punk tune in its nature and use of lyrics and song structure. It’s really well done though. It’s a real toe-tapper and it utilises a good breakdown in the track to really split it up and stop it from feeling too repetitive. The chanting type vocals are sure to be a hit with a live audience too.

Kicking in straight away is What She Said. Again it’s as lively as the previous tracks and is simple in its structure, but that’s what makes it so wonderful. Possibly my favourite track on the EP.

The final track, Changes has a slightly different sound to it than the other tracks, but it’s still very much pop rock at heart. You could still easily identify this as Carson. The guitar solo in this track is a nice change up to their sound too.

There are only 4 tracks on this EP, but they are a little package of magical joy. For such a small product, the production is to a very high standard and the song writing of the band is really good. All the tracks are lively and will make you want to sing along and get up and dance. These songs are great on record and will easily translate well to a live setting. A great start to any bands catalogue.


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