Carried By 6 – Succession Album Review


The Only Way Is Essex…if you’re looking where to find some straight-up, honest, old-school metal that is!

Formed in 2001, CARRIED BY 6 have plenty of experience behind them. With several years of touring, playing live and honing their craft, new album “Succession” should be a, well, success, right?

Opening track “Perfect” doesn’t waste any time. Riffs aplenty, it’s all up in your face from the word go. Mike Kirby and Jake Willis treating us to some fine, meaty guitar work, with vocalist/bassist Ryan Manteith unrelenting in his delivery, a weight behind every lyric forced from within.
“Clocks”, a slower number, but no less intense, plods along nicely until the chorus bursts into life with an almost Meshuggah-esque style of play.
“Crown” keeps a steady momentum, riffs remaining the driving force. A classic-metal vibe at the very heart of the band.
“Elephant In The Room” has a slight Pantera feel about it, where as “Penny”, at little over a minute long is a beautifully played guitar interlude, showing us a softer side to the Essex quartet, before title track “Succession” kicks in full throttle, solid drumming, more riffs and more metal than a Chinese tin mine…

Basically, if you like your metal with no strings attached, a no nonsense barrage of old-school, head-banging inducing heaviness, look no further than CB6. Is “Succession” a seccess? Yes. Yes it is.


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