Carne – Ville Morgue Review

carne ville morgueFollowing their debut EP Metropolis released in 2010, Carne are back with their debut full-length album, entitled Ville Morgue.

Playing a mixture of doom and hardcore, you can’t say this band’s sound is distinctive, but it works both for and against the band’s favour. It makes for a striking sound and helps the songs to stand out, but in some sections it almost feels like the two genres are battling against each other rather than complementing each other like they should.

The three Elegy tracks are a very nice move and they work fantastically at dividing the album up as they serve more as ‘linking’ tracks than anything else, and the album subsequently flows very well as a result, with tracks seamlessly blending into one another. It makes the album feel like one entity rather than a collection of different songs and it’s a great touch. And with strong inclusions such as Fear Trade, We Are The Romanoes and Chien Noir that are bound to be revisited again and again, you really can’t go wrong.

It’s just a shame that there are a couple of weak songs on there, with the latter half of the album dragging somewhat with two long tracks Slave / Her and Chien Noir not really adding much to the album. Clearly it’s a more doom-influenced section but there’s something that doesn’t quite work due to the lengthiness of the pair of songs and they end up feeling quite repetitive by the time they’re done, which is a shame, and the vocals in Slave / Her are a little weak at times.

Carne show a lot of potential with Ville Morgue, there’s no doubt about it, but there’s still a few creases that need to be ironed out before they manage to hit the big-time.


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