Carnalation – Ghosts Review

Carnalation-Ghosts-cover640Ghosts, the new EP from Finnish death metallers Carnalation, is indeed a mighty little offering, jam-packed with heaviness and in-your-face brutality from start to finish.

Carnalation take no prisoners, immediately getting things underway with Drown In Silver, an energetic and hard-hitting number packed full of momentum and noise that also just sounds massively tight and together, which is no mean feat. It certainly comes across as one of those songs made for a live environment – there are plenty of opportunities for crowd participation, headbanging and punching your fist in the air!

Ghosts continues strongly from there, with plenty more substance. Middle track Prometheus keeps the momentum going, featuring one of the most powerful vocal performances of the EP, and closing track Death And Rust finishes the piece with a bang, not letting up until the closing chords ring out.

Admittedly there is a bit of a lack of variety at times – each track follows largely the same format. However as a whole this is a great and substantial listen that looks set to do very well for the band.


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