Carnage inC. – Fury Incarnate Review

carnage inc fury incarnateBursting to the edges with ferocity Carnage inC. assert themselves as quad damage of a new era of thrash metal on Fury Incarnate. Displaying a masterful utilisation of various techniques that they use to create blissful disharmonious verse.  Dark, daring and delicious it’s hopefully the first of many refreshers in thrash metal from Carnage inC.

Hailing from Mumbai, Carnage inC. take their groove from their local influences and their thrash from the classics.  In adopting a passionate expression on their first album they’ve made thrash sound authentic again. Scoring a genuine gem in a scene that perpetuates faith in fame rather than aptitude. Confronted by their style they glide over mediocrity with finesse.

It’s not perfect; it’s a God damned force of nature. Raining sonic vengeance upon the world for the years of scorched mediocrity that we have endured in the extreme music scene Carnage inC. are raiding hell with vigor and brutality masked in gilded features.  Tempered in umbrage and forged in unholy metal.

With a salient and reviling attitude Fury Incarnate is thrashing Carnage inC. onto a new level of brutality.  Blending and presenting techniques from punk and metal. Mixing them together like sodium chloride and water to create a grueling and heavy atmosphere.  Their debut album has an explosive and refined score, giving justice to its short twenty-two minute running time.

Yet under the fumes there’s a freshness where the guitar parts subtract space like a stonemason carves marble from a sculpture and it’s augmented by energetic vocals that offer motivational aggro throughout the intensifying load. With the room taken up with cold unforgiving frequencies the bright tones will charm your ears with their dulcet melodies gurning beneath the shadows of the main riffs.

Beginning with a serene introduction the overall structure of Fury Incarnate feels unfinished but it does leave its exit open for more headbanging.  As there’s a lack of depth in the sequence of the track list it gives the impression that Fury Incarnate is just the teaser for a grander epic. The music however is always on form but it wouldn’t hurt for a more generous portion of Fury Incarnate.


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