Cardinals Folly – Our Cult Continues! Review

OUR CULT CONTINUES!Our Cult Continues! is the second full-length from Finnish doomsters Cardinals Folly and is a fine example of great musicianship, packed full of succinctly powerful and memorable tracks that really leave an impression on you.

One of the downfalls of doom music is the fact it can get repetitive after a while due to the way the music is constructed, but Our Cult Continues! is different. It’s unmistakably doom, but the music takes a great amount of twists and turns, keeping the listener on their toes by making them not quite know what to expect. Cardinals Folly also use a good amount of melody in conjunction with the crushing heaviness, which does nothing but work in their favour.

A particular highlight is the epic closer, Fallout Ritualist. Cardinals Folly really take their time with this one and it begins gently and sparsely, with soft guitar tones and not a lot else before the full band joins in and the track slowly begins to gain momentum until the vocals are added atop for good measure. The song even seems to take a more groove-influenced route at one stage, showcasing the versatility of the band, and there’s so many twists, turns and tempo changes that you never know what to expect!

Unfortunately, there is one small problem with the album, which is the vocals. There isn’t quite enough power and meat behind them to really carry the band and it’s a shame because at times it makes the music almost uncomfortable to listen to as a result.

However as a whole, Our Cult Continues! is a great listen and is well worth checking out if you like your doom with a twist.


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