Cardinals Folly – Deranged Pagan Sons Review

Deranged Pagan Sons is the brand new album from Cardinals Folly and after enjoying their two tracks on the Coalition Of The Anathematized, I was certainly eager for more from the band. It’s a pretty powerful listen with an all-round wonderfully fuzzy tone to it, and it will draw you in as you listen.

Although the songs are all on the lengthy side, Deranged Pagan Sons gets right to the point with every track bringing something different to the table and Cardinals Folly don’t mess about – each song packs a punch and contributes well to the piece as a whole. With striking and unique vocals, there’s no way the album won’t grab your attention and with tremendous instrumental lines the band really brings it from start to finish.

One of the songs that works especially well is The Island Where Time Stood Still. It brings a multitude of different styles into the mix and is both fast and slow paced, keeping you on the edge of your seat with each twist and turn it takes, as you never know what will happen next – and the guitar solo in the latter half of the song is really something too.

An all-round great album. Deranged Pagan Sons is a strong listen and will stick with you after the final chords have rang out.


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