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Carcer City recently released their excellent new album Infinite // Unknown, our review of which can be read here. We caught up with the band to get an insight into their musical tastes and influences. Check it out and get involved below!

A song that influenced them
Reinventing Your Exit – Underoath

This song came out when we were all teenagers and it was one of those songs that just fused heavier elements, electronic elements and melody in such a way that was really catchy and inspiring! It definitely helped some of us get into heavier music that in turn led to our band forming.

A song they wish they could have written
Chlorine and Wine – Baroness

We love this song, it’s just so full of soul and meaning! Baroness were also in a bus crash (a MUCH worse one than ours!) and this song talks about the recovery of the band following that incident which, for us, we can all relate to in some way. The song itself is so cool too, lots of different feels and vibes plus some of the best lyrics and vocal melodies we’ve heard!

Their favourite Carcer City song
Black Mirror

This song is one of our favourites because it really showcases the dynamics and atmospheric side of the band – this song has both the softest AND heaviest parts we’ve ever written and we can’t wait to play that anthemic final chorus one day, hopefully to lots of people singing it back! It’s catchy as hell – check it out!

A song they’ve been listening to a lot recently
33 GOD – Bon Iver

This song has been on repeat because it’s just so strange. There’s nothing else out there right now that sounds like what Bon Iver is doing and it’s great to see and hear a band experimenting so much! It uses lots of sampling and messed up, heavily effected sound that is something we ourselves love to do – so this song was just addictive to listen to!

Their all time favourite song
Simple Boy – Karnivool

This song just has everything! Groove everywhere, ambience, trippy solos and great melodies. They aren’t the heaviest band but they can be heavy in interesting ways that other band’s aren’t and theres just something really interesting about the way this band writes and arranges their songs. This song and album in particular are going to be being played by us for all of time!

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