Cara Neir – Perpetual Despair is the Human Condition Review

cara-neirThe name of this album alone is an excellent conversation piece and you should try dropping it into every chat you have. Perpetual Despair is the Human Condition is a rather prolific title but then so is the fourth release from Texan duo Cara Neir as they take manic depression to new heights and embellish it with a healthy dose of realism.

Cara Neir’s new album is intense, its raging tirade a blissful venom, but beneath that lies a brilliant piece of blackened grindcore that can cut diamonds with it’s agonizing polemic. There are many bands who claim to juxtapose staunch dynamics in their sound but Cara Neir really express the full spectrum of their disdain through harsh but strangely alluring riffs.

Juxtapose the sordid beauty of trem picking with some really emotive key changes and then couple that with a raw guitar tone and hollowed vocals, and you get the idea of what Perpetual Despair… sounds like. However there’s a lot of colourful action going in to the riffs that it’s more like a tryptamine dream beckoning you closer unto the void through the sonal details.  Cara Neir manage to keep the mood interesting by adding a slither of punk sensibility into the mix.

Continuing from their 2013 album Portals to a Better, Dead World the concept of Perpetual Despair… is a trip further into the cancerous oblivion that is considered as the civil disposition. This album is not only a wonder to listen to but also intellectually stimulating, instead of contrasting issues lyrically it grabs socialism by the nipple and twists its judicial freedom till it turns red.


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