Capitals – Ask Questions, Don’t Get Answers Review

Capitals – Ask Questions, Don’t Get Answers


When it comes to more melodic music, I do tend to be a little more fussy, but ‘Ask Questions, Don’t Get Answers’ by Capitals is definitely something that instantly caught my attention on my first listen. The EP just has a happy and almost carefree vibe to it, and has an overall fantastic sound.

Opener Save Our Breath is a great little number, a wonderfully catchy thing that really gives the whole release momentum. It’s an upbeat-sounding track that’s oozing with character and the opening is great – I like how it has a radio SFX flicking between different sounds before reaching one of the melodies in the song and then launching into a full version of everything. It was a nice touch.

Forevermore seemed to drag a little in comparison – it admittedly isn’t as strong as Save Your Breath and doesn’t follow on from it as well as it could. The song isn’t bad as such, but it unfortunately isn’t as interesting as some of the other tracks on the EP.

Perfect Picture is a wonderfully summery-sounding track that is perfect to sit and lounge about on a balcony to whilst chilling with a cider (note: I actually did this!). It’s one of the best tracks lyrically and leads well into Stand Up And Be Counted, which has a great chorus. It just gets stuck in your head and the whole track is something that must be sung along to!

Penultimate track Streetlights is my personal favourite of the album. It feels a little familiar somehow, as I was able to hum along to it during my first listen – the tune is just incredibly catchy and gets into your head within seconds. If this song doesn’t wind up being a hit, then it will be a crying shame.

Stolen From A Movie is a nice conclusion to the EP. Slowing things down a little, it works well as a closer – I don’t believe it would fit elsewhere on the EP and it’s a nice way to wind things down. The vocals from Kieran are stunning and the lyrics are heartfelt. A sweet little ending to a great EP. This band deserves to go far.

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