Canterbury – The Louisiana, Bristol 07/04/14

Canterbury 2014

Looking at the venue from outside, I knew it was going to be a small room inside the beautiful classic pub situated in Bristol’s beautiful dock. As the pub began to fill up doors were open for the upstairs room when I arrived I couldn’t even get in the door it was that full but I finally managed to push my way in and even then there were more people arriving. Thank god for the air con!

Opening the intimate gig were Big Sixes, a band I hadn’t seen before and they were quite new to the scene especially in Bristol. The crowd warmed to them and they certainly left a good impression with their energetic sound and great lead vocals. This band is one to watch out for as they emerge onto the scene slowly but surely.

Blitz Kids hit the stage next. This band needed no introduction and there were a lot of fans very happy to see them. This was the third time I have seen Blitz Kids and they always put on a show and have a really good frontman. These boys are very talented and are huge on the scene right now. They deserve the success – watch out for them.

Last but not least, Canterbury came on stage after watching a spot of Coronation Street where the bands new song All My Life had been played on that nights episode in the Rovers, which had got the band even more hyped especially to play that song to the crowd who’d found out on twitter.

Canterbury always deliver, especially in such a small, warm and intimate venue – I don’t think the band expected such a big crowd. The set list was full of hits from the new album but fans were also expecting some old hits and after a few chants the band gave in and played Gloria for the crowd. Canterbury never seem to disappoint and overall this was one of the best times I’ve seem them.


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