Canterbury – Le Pub, Newport 16/10/13

Doing a UK tour and coming to a smaller venue than usual can be quite worrying for a band, and Canterbury themselves mentioned on the night how they were very worried that only 5 or less than 10 people would show up.

Opening the show to a okay crowd to begin with were The JCQ from Eastbourne and they did a good job of warming up the crowd.

The second support act was Continental Keys, who are from the Welsh music scene and they drew in a big crowded which was good to see. These were definitely the right supports for Canterbury.

As 10:15 came around, Canterbury hit the small stage. They opened the show with their latest single Satellite and this certainly got the crowd of around thirty to forty people moving and welcoming the young English band. From that song on, the setlist of fourteen songs grew better and better. They played some of their older, more well-known songs of previous albums and even dedicated Gloria to a young girl in the crowd who was eighteen that day. Canterbury were great with the crowd and had a lot of fun.

The song Calm Down, which was played as the set was drawing to a close really needed the crowd to jump, dance and move, and this is what they did. Parting the crowd were two young women who really got the younger female audience joining in. They closed the show with Drive, which is a new song that isn’t on their newly released EP but will certainly be on the new album that is hopefully coming soon.

Overall, considering that Le Pub is a small intimate venue, the gig was a success for the band, who will continued on to Oxford O2 Academy afterwards!


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