Cannibal Accident – Ritual Paprika Review

cannibal accident ritual paprikaCannibal Accident prove that the band are still alive and well fed on their third full slaughter for the senses. Ritual Paprika is a deranged but perversely fun experience where they’re catering to crusty genre fans and all round good riff enthusiasts, taking religious sensibilities for a long walk off a short pier.

While turning on like a violent opera Ritual Paprika is a disgusting  monstrosity whose game is belching fast paced arps and crushing mastication with vitriol, crunching time like it was free.  Although it’s stern lyrical themes are cheesy, sitting between anti and post christian politics, the manic urgency in their delivery is like having your ear-drum licked by a cats tongue.

In part the overall raw and tinny sound combined with the use of drum tech works like just how you would expect it to, forcing the kit to the front while everything else plays behind the delicate curtain of mixing and EQ, and riding on unrepentant blast beats like a jockey without a seat belt. The instrumentation is salaciously tight.

Yet even through its grind roughage, Ritual Paprika has moments of abstraction that sprinkle befuddlement throughout the album.  Coming in at sixteen tracks of heavily driven extreme metal with a punk attitude that’ll leave you dizzy, this album is rife for repeat.


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