Playlist: 10 Must-See Bands Of Camden Rocks

Camden Rocks

With just over a month to go until Camden Rocks festival gets underway in various venues around Camden, it goes without saying that you’re spoilt for choice with what bands to go and see! We compiled a list of ten bands on the lineup that you really need to go and see. Check out the songs individually below, or give the playlist a listen in full over on our page here.

Glamour Of The Kill
When these guys play a live show, their loyal army of fans soak up every moment from the first note to the last. The one song to listen out for is Freak Like Me. It hits you between the eyes immediately and gives a good overall view of just how dominating this band can be. There is no doubt they will be making many new fans at this festival.

Heavens Basement
With its heavily guitar driven sound Nothing Left To Lose is one of Heavens Basement’s most popular songs. This band has devised a mix of soft rock sound and aggressive punchy vocals to make songs like I Am Electric get into the crowds bones and make them move. If your looking for a band with less roars but just as much kick, this is a band to go see.

This is a band that seems to be getting noticed fast and after completing a tour supporting GOTK their name keeps popping up and it’s not surprising. Live, they are entertaining, engaging and bring a host of songs that display the clear vocal abilities of their frontman Tom Harris. Although some songs are more McBusted in style, tunes such as Bridges show this band is looking at a rock future.

The Dirty Youth
After their recent tour with Fozzy, The Dirty Youth come crashing back to Camden Rocks ready to show why their songs such as Fight have clocked up over 4 million YouTube views. Frontwoman Danni Monroe proves what it is to be a true driving force for female rock stars. This is a band you do not want to miss.

Skindred have been going from strength to strength for many years now. After the break up of Benji’s previous band, Dub War, the group have been relentlessly touring their ragga metal sound to the masses. They are unashamedly proud to be British and proud to be different to the rest of the scene. Check out the song Ninja at their headline show and you won’t be disappointed.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Trail Of Dead are an American alternative rock band from Austin, Texas. Formed in 1994, they have been constantly evolving since. With each album their loyal fan base grows even stronger. They’ll be a massive hit at this year’s festival and watch out for The Ghost Within, it’s a beautiful and haunting track.

Reverted are a metal band from London itself. They formed in 2010 and combine Metallica inspired hard rock with some of the softer elements of the genre. We were lucky enough to catch their recent tour supporting Fozzy and you do not want to miss these guys. Keep an eye for their blistering single Die My Saint.

Funeral For A Friend
These guys have been killing it since 2001 and with their mix of post-hardcore and melodic emo elements, they are credited with produced one of the genre defining albums of the 2000s with Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation. After more recent efforts saw them returning to their roots in terms of sound, listen to their single 1% for an insight into their current sound.

Feed The Rhino
Feed The Rhino bring some extreme energy to every show – they are known for their wild mosh pits and crazy fans. When you hear tracks like Deny And Defend, you will see why. The Kent quintet never let their fans down and have earned a massively impressive 5 stars for a live performance by Kerrang – if you like your music heavy, don’t miss these guys.

Ginger Wildheart
Ginger is somewhat of an institution in the British rock scene. Most famous for fronting the Wildhearts, he has seen massive success with his solo projects as well. Playing music since the mid-80’s, he has seen it all – from drug and alcohol abuse, to craziness on tour. His bombastic song Creepers is one to look out for at this festival and here’s hoping he throws in a song or two from the Wildheart days!

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