Callidice – Scarlet Review

callicide-scarletEndearing isn’t a word I would often use to describe a release from a band but this is a word that fits Callidice’s new EP Scarlet well.

It’s just a nice blend of songs and they’re all so damn catchy – there’s plenty of lines that will be stuck in your head once you’ve finished listening to it. Callidice takes a melodically-driven approach that includes harsh vocals for good measure and although it’s not really anything that hasn’t been dine before, the band really makes it work for them. In particular, the keys throughout are fantastic, no matter whether they’re in a background or more prominent role, and really give the music an extra boost.

An especially noteworthy song is the third track Beast In Me, which is arguably the most striking track on the album. It starts off in a fairly standard fashion, but when the chorus kicks in, that’s where it gets interesting. The rest of the EP is performed in the English language, but the chorus of this track is performed in Finnish, and it really stands out and makes you pay attention as a result! Plus, it’s really catchy – possibly the strongest clean section of the release. (It’s just too bad that any attempts I make to sing along will most likely sound hilarious to any Finnish speakers!)

Scarlet is, quite simply, great. Callidice have created something awesome, and I for one can’t wait for their next full-length.


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