Cain’s Offering – Stormcrow Review

CainsOffering_StormcrowCoverArt_Layers copiaStormcrow is the second album from Finnish power metal outfit Cain’s Offering and it’s a clear progression from their debut release Gather The Faithful, really building on what went well with that album whilst also adding in new styles and approaches.

Opener and title track Stormcrow gets things off with a bang – with striking layered vocals that grab your attention immediately, it’s a song that means business, featuring big epic keys alongside relentlessly hammering drums and powerful guitar lines. This is how you get an album started! The album then continues well from there, with third track A Night To Forget being anything but forgettable. With big choruses begging to be sang along to, this is a song that will be stuck in your head for a long while to come.

Another album highlight is seventh track Antemortem – a powerful and energetic inclusion, the way the keys and guitar bounce off one another is masterful, and the drums pack so much momentum into the track that you’ll find yourself wanting to bang your head and/or tap your foot in time to it.

As a whole, Stormcrow is an album you’ll keep wanting to revisit and it showcases a band that is currently firing from all cylinders. Nicely done!


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