Caesars Rome – Believers Review

0002104512_10I’ve been playing this album pretty much constantly since getting it the latter part of last week and I’ve been struggling to write this review since then. It’s not that this isn’t a great album, it’s actually outstanding, I just don’t feel I can do the album justice with my words.

This is an epic, powerful journey of an album.The band have delivered something that is unique, huge and has quite simply blown me away.

Believers is a big leap forward from the excellent debut album The Company We Keep, The songs here really stand out, packed with passion, power and full of musical and lyrical twists and turns.

Angular opener Braile, really kicks things off in style, and monster of a track full of melody and spiky guitar riffs.

Each song here brings something new, and takes you in different directions, from huge riffs (Haunt), screamed distorted vocals (Old World Continents), some gentle downbeat passages (Earth From space) and epic rock bombast (Traitors).

My favourite song right now is Sincerities, it has a massive chorus, and when Jon sings “…Now I, Here I am, Baring my soul, I’ll hold Sincerities, Hold on…” you really feel it, such a great song.

I’m a huge fan of Jonathan Hopkins’s lyrics, another one of my favourite tracks here, final song Believers, along with some powerful melodies has a great set of positive lyrics.

The musicianship of Jonathan Hopkins, Richard Berry, Kyle Smith and Lloyd Wood is incredible and the production of Romesh Dodangoda has captured the complex nature of the songs perfectly.

This is an excellent album, which you can tell the band have put their all into the writing, playing and recording of, it’s not often you can feel passion and power with every note but Believers delivers that, and much more.

Quite simply, buy this album.


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