Cable35 – Fungus EP review

Sheffield based trio, Cable35 (originally formed in Malta) are flying the flag for alternative grunge-punk, and damn well fly it high.

With notable influences including The Pixies and Nirvana, the band, consisting of Jeffrey Zerafa on guitar/vox, Kriz Zahra on bass/vox and Chris Mallia on drums, ooze the dirty, distorted kind of rock music you could pluck straight out of the early 90’s, but at the same time write songs that sound fresh and lively today.

‘Fungus’, the bands newest EP, is 7 tracks of frustration and angst, recorded and then squeezed into just short of 20 minutes of disk space, but what it may lack in length, it sure makes up for in quality.

Opening track “Sanitation” is a drum fuelled high energy number with rough vocals, followed up by “Andy Shakes” which could of been penned by Kurt Cobain himself, while “Spinach” is ripe with simple bass driven punk attitude.

This style of music may not be the “In” thing right now, but Cable35 sure as hell remind us all it’s certainly not confined to the past. If there is a new grunge revival on the horizon, expect to see these guys on the front line.



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  1. These guys are awesome, I bought their EP Fungus and the last track, ‘Boznich’ (whatever that may mean) is rockin’!! i just wish it was a minute longer, but i guess perfection comes in small dozes! Love them…. 5 stars!

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