Butserfest 2014 – Queen Elizabeth’s Country Park, Petersfield 13/09/14

Butserfest 2014

Butserfest is a great way to end festival season and it’s a family day out, with no alcohol or drugs allowed at all and it’s a safe environment. There’s other activities as well as the music, with attractions such as a climbing wall, a mechanical bull, a demolition ball and more fun inflatable activities that the kids would love.

Create To Inspire opened their high energy set with some great stage tricks that they displayed throughout. Swinging their instruments and jumping and headbanging throughout, the set was a great start to the day. The band definitely gave a good indication the day will be fun with their incredible performance. The vocalist and bassist jumped the barrier and played in the crowd and that is something I’ve never seen at a festival before and it was phenomenal to see a band put that much energy into a set with such a small crowd.

I Divide come onstage to a small crowd and they put out so much contagious raw energy and made the crowd jump, sing and mosh at their command. The band performed immaculately and with a lot of confidence, showing a lot of talent throughout. Make sure you catch them now in a small venue while you still can.

Tek-One knew how to move a crowd, making everyone get off their feet and dance. The act had a lot of energy and were a lot of fun to watch and listen to – they knew how to have a good time. They executed their drops and builds up perfectly which unleashed havoc in the most positive way in the crowd.

Blitz Kids entered to some dramatic build up music that sadly set expectations too high. The band played well over their pre-recorded music and the vocals were in tune throughout the set, however the band lacked stage presence and were not the most fun act to watch. The crowd really enjoyed the set though and spent most of their time off their feet. It was a letdown of a set but musically well performed.

Feed The Rhino‘s set was fuelled on sheer passion which the crowd used to mosh, jump and just generally have fun. The band could not keep still and put so much energy into their set, they all looked exhausted 20 minutes into their set but they still gave it 110% and the crowd loved them for it. The band know how to work a crowd – that much is obvious.

DEAD! know how to party and they proved that by headlining the smallest stage the festival had to offer. With a incredible small crowd to work with the band owned it. There was great interaction with the crowd and the band performed well musically. There was no better choice to close the stage.

This was Kids In Glass Houses‘ last ever festival as they’re disbanding in the Autumn which is a huge shame. One thing’s for sure though: the band finished their festival career with a bang. They play impeccably and the crowd love the band. The crowd interaction was phenomenal and the audience were incredibly energetic; there was a constant stream of crowd surfers, a constant pit somewhere in the crowd and people were always off the floor. The band performed well and it’s obvious they’ve been around for a decade. It was a hell of a way to end the bands festival career, an incredible set by an incredible band, it’ll be a shame to them go and I know I’m going to mourn the loss of Kids In Glass Houses.

As soon as The Blackout opened their set, the crowd erupted – they were the liveliest they’d been all day. The band performed incredibly; their stage tricks and audience interaction was incredible and this was clearly shown in the crowd who were all jumping and moshing and it was the most in sync the crowd have been all day. The band played songs from across their discography which was a crowd pleaser. The band looked so happy to be there; they’d been through a rough patch as a band lately and they all looked happy to be there and it shows in their impressive energy. Best set of the day and there wasn’t a better way to close the festival.

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