Bullet – Storm Of Blades Review

Bullet - Storm Of Blades - ArtworkStorm Of Blades is the latest effort from heavy metallers Bullet and although it’s a meaty and energetic album with a lot of ‘go’ to it, it doesn’t quite pack the punch the band is capable of and it doesn’t quite leave a tremendous impression on you.

Put simply, there’s nothing about the album that sets them apart from any of the other bands in their genre and Bullet don’t have their own distinct sound; and whilst the songs are good and catchy, it’s all been done before. There are some great numbers on the album, such as the foot tappingly good track Tornado that will get you singing along before you know it, and Crossfire is another great inclusion for the same reasons.

Unfortunately, the album also suffers from some weaker songs, with tracks such as Hawk Eyes and It’s On not having any standout qualities, and everything comes to a rather disappointing close with Coming In Loud but it lacks the power to leave a sizeable impression on you, which isn’t the best way to bring things to a close.

All in all, Storm Of Blades is an alright listen, but it just doesn’t stand out from the crowd.


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