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bullet for my valentine venomBullet For My Valentine has always been a consistent band – and this is meant in both a good and a bad sense. If an album is an ‘odd’ numbered one, it ends up being a very strong release, but the ‘even’ numbered ones leave a lot to be desired. So with that taken into account, I had high hopes for Venom, their fifth full-length release, and thankfully it didn’t let me down – Bullet For My Valentine are back, and they’re back in top form.

Venom is all killer and no filler, and the introduction sets the scene fantastically before things get under way with the first full-length track No Way Out hitting you like a tonne of bricks. The harsh vocals at the start are powerful and gripping before the track cascades into the chorus that’s tailor-made for singing along to. However the first song that really leaves an impression on you is fourth track Worthless. Vocals-wise, this track definitely takes a more melodic approach, but the instrumentation is heavy with a nice kick to it, packing a real punch and juxtaposing well against the passionate and emotive vocal line. It’s a song that sticks in your head and is one I can envision will go down an absolute storm in a live environment.

Another great inclusion is Hell Or High Water. Featuring Bullet’s trademark big sing-along choruses, it also sees the band taking a slightly different approach to the track, with it featuring half-whispered vocals in parts along with the song having a nice bit of groove to it and some fantastically technical guitar lines that will leave your foot tapping and your head banging.

As a whole, this is a great piece and sees a return to form for the band after their somewhat lacklustre fourth offering Temper Temper. Whilst it doesn’t really cross any new boundaries for the four-piece, it’s still a good enough listen and will certainly do well for the band.


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