Buckcherry – The Best Of Review

I must confess immediately I have a love of classic rock n roll and even more so a love of sleazy rock n roll. So of course a Buckcherry Best Of should completely tick all my boxes in that respect. There’s not much really to expect from a best of album other than a plethora of classic hits from the band in question. My second confession is I’m fairly new to Buckcherry in the respect they’ve been going far longer than I’ve been listening to them. But I’m familiar with a few albums to know they’ve ticked the box of hits from those albums on this collection so I imagine the case rings true for the rest of the record.


It’s a collection of classic hits and in some cases (Crazy Bitch) totally overplayed, but much loved tunes. Don’t expect anything other than what it says on the tin, but it certainly does that in the best way it possibly can. So stick this album on and dance around your kitchen.


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