Bry – The Globe, Cardiff 16/02/17

IMG_8468After a recent spree on tour with Twenty One Pilots, Bry continues his soaring momentum with a headline tour around some favourably sized venues, which all feel filed to the brim with young fans.

All it takes is a little Irish cheek and charm from the start and the whole venue swoons and snickers at Bry. Promoting his debut album Bry he’s come quite the way from an eager Youtuber.

Backed with a full band they perform a slick set. Just like best friends on tour, they read off each other perfectly. Bry talks about a drinking game with the rules as follows: when ever he mentions Twenty One Pilots you drink up (which, is a lot, but who wouldn’t if they’d got an incredible support slot). The few at the back who can join in get quite merry.

Bry amuses the crowd with off-the-all banter and an ensemble of hits – they get drawn in and carried away like a well played out fairy tale.

Part of the night sees a few beach balls come out to play apparently because giant hamster balls are only a commodity for the more notable (rich) arena bands. As he asks for volunteers to sing the end of a song, hands rush up and cleverly he’s able to pick out a young fan who doesn’t let stage fright get the best of them, making dreams come true for some.

His music backed with the band translate well and feel familiar. The impression he gave those at Twenty One Pilots who’ve also made the trip here tonight remains on a high. Bry’s out to inspire and be remembered for the fun times and he ain’t half doing it right – a rising star indeed.

With a mix of serious hits, laughs, great support and charm it’s been a exquisite night for everyone in here tonight.


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