Brutality Will Prevail – Suspension Of Consciousness Review

Brutality Will Prevail Suspension Of ConsciousnessHardcore can sometimes be a bit of a difficult genre to fully connect with. It’s a genre overflowing with bands that sound largely similar to one another, so it ultimately results in not many bands quite managing to stand out from the crowd.

Suspension Of Consciousness by Brutality Will Prevail is an album that ultimately falls victim to this. It’s a decent enough release with plenty of songs to send crowds into a frenzy in a live environment but it’s nothing new or different, so it’s difficult to fully get into it as it’s a formula I’ve heard countless times before – although it does have to be said that the accompanying artwork is absolutely breathtaking.

There are some good inclusions on the album, such as the beautifully noisy Abandon and the more melodic Burden Of Love, the latter of which featuring some great and passionate vocals, and the title track is the perfect closer to the album as it fades away and resonates, but ultimately there’s nothing about the album that sets it apart from a lot of other bands.

Suspension Of Consciousness is alright and it’s definitely listenable, but unfortunately it’s nothing special.


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