Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball Review



This is the latest release from the iconic Songwriter, and it seems he has yet again taken on the role of social commentator for the people.

His work always seems particularly poignant during times of economic and social difficulty, and this album is certainly no exception.  He has always been able to add his voice to the frustrations of the masses, highlighting the problems concerning the people and having a dig at those in charge throughout the world.

Musically this album stands up to any of his previous releases; it has catchy hooks, and a big, well produced sound all the way through. Lyrically cutting, providing a voice to those who feel stifled by the current establishment, he tells stories highlighting the social divides between the poorer populous and the rich politicians, bankers and businessmen.

In “Jack Of All Trades” the line “If I had me a gun, I’d find the Bastards and shoot them on sight” gives a clear indication of how he feels towards the powers that be, and this emotion runs through the whole album.

“Death To My Hometown” tells the story of how the the economic downturn and the political decisions that ensued have laid ravage to the our communities. The songs on this album seem to incite people to rise up and stand together in times of difficulty and fight back for what they believe.

The title track “Wrecking Ball” and the last track “American Land” are the albums Anthems and I really like the American Folk theme that runs through all the songs on this album.

So, another fine release by “The Boss” but really, did you expect anything less?

Words by Ross Gurney

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